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Originally Posted by Leafs2013 View Post
This is exactly the kind of mentality that gutted the leafs in the 2000's and the reason why they've been out of the playoffs for the past 8 years.

Trying not to sound mean because everyone has the right to their own opinion and fantasize about what they want for their hockey team, but if you're gnna be realistic and looking for input, this is just silly in so many ways.

First, in your line projections you just gave up 4 first rounders for a guy you put on your second line? Second you gave up 4 first rounders (one of them being defensive blue chipper) for a slumping overpaid superstar that brings similar elements to what we already have in Lupul n Kessel? Third, We just traded a top dman for a skilled big body left winger. Fourth, in an NHL where the cap is going DOWN next year, 4.25mil is > than 9.5m for a skilled, big bodied left winger on the second line. I'll admit JVR is not Ovy, but JVR, Lups, Kessel and even Kuly togther form a pretty decent core of top 6 wingers... and if we bump this in 2 months, maybe even Frattin, but we'll see.

Ovechkin is an awesome player when he wants to be, but he is not what the leafs need. And certainly not at that price.

Our best bet at this point is to hang on to our picks and prospects, maybe even try to swap Mac for a first or a good prospect if a team is desperate enough. Battle out the rest of this season and by some stroke of luck get into the playoffs by taking advantage of a short season, get some playoff experience. Then in the summer, throw everything at Getzlaf and maybe even Perry. Wheel and deal for a goaltender (possibly Luongo if its not done by then) and ice a very competitive team in 2013-14.
I'm not a coach and I don't do the lines, for all it matters it could be Ovechkin - Kadri - Kessel. You and I both know Ovechkin is a proven 1st liner. I don't think Kessel or Lupul have reached superstar status with both not having a single season over PPG yet. You see Rielly, as a future number 1 D? Maybe in 5 years and Kessel will be 30 by then, 30! Do these players help our playoff chances this year? Next year? Ovechkin would help push us for the cup, that being if we can find a goalie. Competitive in 2013-2014 well that is the last year of Kessels contract plus we want to be contenders.

However I do understand your opinion that OV is not what we need and I do agree he comes at a high price. But if an elite player of his caliber can be had, I believe its safe to go all in. MacArthur would be expendable and it doesn't hurt to have 3 lines rolling in our top 9 with our 3rd being our 1st right now.

You say throw everything at Getzlaf and Perry? 1) We don't have Brian Burke , 2) would Anahiem really let 2 elite players walk for nothing, 3) there are 28 other teams that would be interested in their services, likely resulting in a bidding war, therefore a 7-9 million range cap hit.

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