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Originally Posted by GusTheo View Post
I'm sure the Islanders front office is doing their due diligence. But it isn't our (the fans) business quite frankly.
i agree with both points. any information provided by visnovski should stay within the office. it is without a doubt, none of our business.
IF visnovski does show up and garth lifts the suspension, ill see that as "lubo" provided the needed proof. and i DONT want to know the details of his kids illness. that, again, is none of my business. ( its not like i give a rats ass about that kid anyway.....)
the way garth should do it is, IF visnovski shows up at garths office, garth should demand proof that the kid was hospialized. if he cant prove that, tell "lubo" hes got 15 minutes to get in touch with his wife and have her send the proper documentation. with todays technology, it can sent in a matter of 15 minutes is plenty of time.
if the information shows up, showing that "lubo" was telling the truth, the suspension is lifted and he gets to play out his last contracted year.
if the information doesnt show up, the suspension stays and as soon as the season is over, garth files the paperwork to toll the contract.
again, i dont want details of the kids illness, in all honesty, i couldnt care less about that kid......i just want to know if "Lubo" was honest about it.

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