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I don't think Kessel or Lupul have reached superstar status with both not having a single season over PPG yet.
Kessel not a superstar? Seriously? Top 6 scoring in the league...Thats not a superstar to you? And Lupul is a legitemate 1st line, ppg player, and a great leader... if you wanna knock him for any reason, atleast make it about his injuries. Anyways I'm not gonna make this into Kessel or Lupul vs. Ovi since were not talking about swapping Kessel or Lupul for Ovi, we're talking about adding Ovi to them.

You see Rielly, as a future number 1 D? Maybe in 5 years and Kessel will be 30 by then, 30! Do these players help our playoff chances this year? Next year? to be contenders
Could you please point out where I stated that Rielly will be a #1 Dman? I said "blue chip prospect" which means "a can't miss prospect"; doesn't mean he's gonna be a #1, just means he'll likely make a very good NHL player, at worst a top 4. And it's not unrealistic to think that he'll get there at somepoint in the next 2-3 years. Not to mention guys like Biggs, Percy and whoever they draft this year that you're basically ready to just throw away for what you consider to be a legitimate stanley cup team that is missing Ovechkin and a goaltender. Those players could end up being clutch guys like Lucic or M.Richards or J.Carter (drafted late 1st round and second round).

Ovechkin would help push us for the cup, that being if we can find a goalie.
Ovechkin couldn't push the Washington Capitals to the cup, a team that had Backstrom, Green, Carlson, Semin, Laich, Alzner etc... way more depth that Toronto has now and way more playoff experience. What makes you think he'll be able to push the Leafs to the cup? Oh yes, goaltender, badaboom badabing = Stanley Cup. Guess what, having all the talent in the world doesn't guarantee anything. Look at VAN, SJ, PHI (pre-trade). The team needs to grow chemistry as the players mature and develop and battle in the playoffs before they can make a legitimate run at the Cup. And what if they don't happen to win it this year or next year, what then? Blow it up again? You just wasted 2 years, plus another 3-4 after the fact developing prospects (which is where we are now).

However, the point you're making, and I'll respond to it accordingly; Is that we need to bring a top player into our team because we lack a "True Superstar".

I agree to a certain extent. If we had a realistic shot at winning the cup this year, or next year, or even the one after that and all we we're missing was a power forward scoring left winger, then I'd be on board with ya. But not in 3 years, because in 3 years Ovechkin would be 30, and according to your logic that is when they stop being able to be competitive and win stanley cups. Getzlaf fits this bill much better than Ovechkin and will likely be a UFA this summer, which won't cost the Leafs 4 first rounders.

You say throw everything at Getzlaf and Perry? 1) We don't have Brian Burke , 2) would Anahiem really let 2 elite players walk for nothing, 3) there are 28 other teams that would be interested in their services, likely resulting in a bidding war, therefore a 7-9 million range cap hit.
1) Umm how is Brian Burke relevant? Because Getzlaf and Perry just love Brian so much and would only sign here cuz of him? Guess what, players sign where the $ is and Toronto has the cap space and the available cash to make those investements. Something that 28 other teams don't all have. 7-8mill for Getzlaf or Perry is likely what the market will bear... where do I sign? 2) If Anaheim had control of that, they would have had them signed by now. The fact that they arent yet, indicates that they are likely going to test free agency. This isn't guaranteed, but on a probability scale... yes (i.e. Parise, Sutter, Schultz). And just to sweeten it up a bit, Perry is from southern ontario and spends a lot of time here in the off season. You follow? (i.e. Parise - Minnesota). But you're right, 28 other teams lol

So you see my friend; trading away prospects and picks that could turn out to be gems down the road, for a player that we don't really need and likely won't bring us the cup in the short run is not a very smart investement.

Keep the pick, keep the prospects. In 1-2 years time, when most of them have developed to a point where we can better judge to their true value and can better assess the state of the team as a whole (including playoff experience hopefully), only at that point would it make sense to make a trade for high impact player like Ovechkin. Till' then, please stop making ridiculous proposals.

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