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02-01-2013, 04:43 AM
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Originally Posted by Ramcourt Fist Pump View Post
Plugs should fight plugs. Bieksa may be a turbo doosh, but that's actually sound advice lol!

Sugar may technically be our "heavyweight", but he's much more than that on this team, and he shouldn't be fighting absolute plugs like John ****ing Scott, unless he has to. Most nights this fight would be his, but the B's brought Macdermid up to handle this bull **** tonight.

I know Claude probably didn't want to embarrass Shawn by keeping em on the bench for a faceoff, but maybe he should have if his intention was to match Macdermid up against Scott. He should know by now that Sugar won't back down from anybody, even if you specifically tell em to lol! The guy actually fought the Boogeyman (rip), ffs. No way was he going to duck this guy.

Whatever tho. Those who say they have never lost a fight have probably never even been in one. Sugar's 1 hell of a tough guy, and tough guys are often way too proud for their own good sometimes. I'm sure his pride took the brunt of the hits last night. He'll be back.

I just hope he realizes that even though he doesn't have a letter on his jersey, he IS a leader on this team; and seeing your emotional leader get trashed like that has a pretty profound effect on your teammates. Look at the **** the Sabres got away with after Sugar left the game: diving, elbowing, uuuum...scoring (jk)

Seriously tho, we need Shawn out there playing when he's supposed to play. He's great at knowing when to fight. Maybe not so great at knowing when NOT to fight. He's earned the right to pick his spots under certain circumstances, and tonight was 1 of those nights where he should have respectfully declined and let the new guy do the dirty work. We brought Macdermid up for 1 reason: so the biggest meathead in the league didn't get a chance to effect the hockey game going on out there tonight. Big fail.

You're a beauty, Sugar. Don't let anyone tell ya any different
Taking on the biggest toughest guy on the other team is thorntons job and he's amazingly good at it considering his size. He lost. It happens.

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