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02-01-2013, 04:44 AM
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Originally Posted by Chancellor Vitale View Post
+ MSG announcing crew (Ogre has been refuted with skillful announcing). Not only were they not homers most of the game but they couldn't shut up about how great Neal's goal was and when they talked about teams complaining they called both teams out. Meantime like a normal human being of an announcer, the PbP guy called the game professionally without Steigerwald's non-stop, fill-every-second-of-air-time-with-gibberish policy. This game could've used one pickle-stabber comment but that's about it. I love not listening to Steigy and Errey and this weekend will provide me two more chances.
those announcers were awful. Complete homers. Every bit as much as Steigy and Errey if not worse. They did not get better as the game went on, I have no idea what game you were watching. On top of that, they just seemed utterly bored all game. If professional means boring, I'll take unprofessional all day. And ya, they complimented Neal's goal. So what? Errey compliments other teams all the time. He calls out when our players get away with something too. These guys literally thought every call should have gone the Rangers way. Just awful.

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