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02-01-2013, 06:09 AM
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Like Bourque isn't. A bum.?
Originally Posted by CharaTriedToEatMe View Post
I want to disagree with you but at the end of the day you are correct.

By dressing McDermid tonight the Bruins dropped down to Buffalo's level in not dressing the best hockey players and basically guaranteed that a bum like Scott who can't skate was going to have some form of influence on the hockey game.

McDermid wasn't playing to score goals or help the pp etc. Him being a middleweight is irrelevant he played tonight because we thought there would be a lot of fights. And the Bruins got bullied by a team it is used to bullying.

And the Bruins enforcer got knocked out and McDermid did not fight the guy who did it. Therefore I have a hard time seeing how/why he belongs on the team right now.

Not trying to pick on McDermid but he was in the lineup in case things got chippy and we got our ***** kicked and he did nothing. See ya dude I don't want any part of a average AHL pugilist lets see what Robbins brings if we go this route again or find a strait up goon.

Fact of the matter is we are not a tough team when we go up against actual tough teams. Luckily there are very very few of them. But the Pittsburgh team who maimed Savard was a tougher team than us. And Marc's teammates did nothing.

Obviously we are not like Vancouver at all. But Vancouver is a chippy team who all of a sudden loses any sort of toughness they have the minute they get matched up against an equally tough or tougher team. Similarly if we come up against a team tougher than us we lose our edge and toughness completely and almost look soft.

Now do we counter that by dumping Campbell and Thornton for better fighters and having Z fight 4th liners or letting McQuaid and Horton potentially get destroyed by a real fighter? No. Probably not.

It just is what it is, Scott won easily and tonight the Sabres gave us a beating physically.

There is never going to be more than 2-3 teams equally as tough or tougher than the Bruins. But unfortunately after tonight one of them may be in Buffalo.

That is no knock on the Bruins its just facing facts. Things change, and if teams decide they want to sacrifice hockey skill to become a tougher team than the 2012 Boston Bruins squad who was probably the toughest NHL team in 2011 2012 (maybe not 09-10 when Boogyman was around and the Pens were tougher) there is nothing the Bruins can do about it. Except play hockey. Not dress ****ing McDermid to sit on the bench and have a front row view of Shawn Thornton getting laid out and a couple players getting cheapshotted.

And this stuff only matters a couple games a year. Never matters in the playoffs. Just playing McDermid for one of them was a FAIL.

Later Lane...

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