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Originally Posted by Peter Griffin View Post
LOL, when? Reimer's best season pales in comparison to Schneider's. Reimer was given the #1 reigns last season and fell flat on his face. I guess your retort to this is that after 4 games this season Schneider has had two great games and two poor ones so I guess that's a big enough sample size to conclude he's a poor option as a #1.

Leafs have 7 games of moderate success and all of a sudden they're the best thing since sliced bread to their fans. Unbelievable. Didn't the Leafs have a good first half last season only to completely bomb?
Reimer's best season saw him post a .920 sv% as a total rookie in a 1/2 season as the #1 goaltender. Schneider has NEVER been a #1 goaltender for any appreciable amount of time.

Originally Posted by ginner classic View Post
Don't need to debate reimer's qualities in this thread. His own GM is looking for an upgrade. Fanboy opinion is moot.
Don't need to debate Schneider's qualities in this thread. His own coach doesn't view him worthy of playing. Fanboy opinion is moot.

Originally Posted by Petes2424 View Post
I'm a Reimer supporter and after Ovechkins goal tonight, I just shook my head. It's time for Reimer to perform. The injury is gone and Allaire is gone. He just hasn't been anything but avg to below. I missed the 3rd period so I can't comment on that but overall I'm disappointed. Schneider is by far a better goalie as we speak.
Allaire was / is the right coach for Reimer. It's that he has a horrible fit for Gustavsson that caused him to get into a rift with the rest of the organization. No question he needs to be better than he has been so far this year, but not substantially.

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