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02-01-2013, 06:38 AM
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Originally Posted by Kschey View Post
Why would a team sign him to an offersheet when they know the Avs would gladly match it as the contract would finally be done.

Would only damage your team's relation to the Avs' front office.
If the Avs are only prepared to offer O'Reilly $3.5m for 2 years, then it's not a certainty that the Avs would match.

Originally Posted by PAZ View Post
I don't even know why i'm responding to this troll, but whatever.

What's your view on Subban and no offer sheets then? And him being paid $2.8 mil/yr? Did every GM think he wasn't worth more than that? Do you consider him a #4 defenseman because thats what hes getting paid at?
Yes, I do. Subban's got a massive ego that needs a reality check. Teams aren't going to pay him the big bucks because they can reasonably predict what it will do to his game. He's also got a horrible reputation as a me-first player, so it probably wasn't in his best interest to sign an offer sheet.

Originally Posted by Muffin View Post
And the Habs offered Subban 2.9M, does it mean he's not a top pairing defenseman? It's called using your leverage, look it up.
It means that nobody wanted to pay him as a top pairing defenceman, justifyably so. We all saw what happened to Phaneuf's game when he got the big contract.

Originally Posted by oceanchild View Post
They will have an issue when the avs match and they artificially inflated the price of contracts pissing off other GMs. Not to mention opening themselves to predatory offersheets as a form of revenge when there young players come up for contract.

Using your logic Doughty, Stamkos where not worth what they wanted or there teams didn't believe in them while they where RFA? Other teams didn't want them either? Then suddenly they sign a contract and there teams paid more than others where willing? If not why didn't hey sign offersheets?
No artificial inflation involved... simply fair market value for a player. If O'Reilly is worth $4m to a team, he should be paid that if he desires to be.

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