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Originally Posted by Partisan du CH View Post
So your solution is : replace a player who doesn't play well by one who plays even worse and who hasn't shown as much at the NHL level (or at any other level anyway). This is not coaching. This is favoritism. What kind of message would it send to the dressing room?

You give a top 2 center spot to Eller when he shows he deserves it. DD got there because he showed he belonged there. Now it's his to lose, and Galchenyuk is much more of a threat to his job than Eller.

...says the guy who makes an excuse for Eller for not showing more grit, passion and creativity, because he has to play on the wing (on the 1st line), which is not his natural position... There should be no excuse for Eller either. Therrien also gives him a nice opportunity to produce on the first line. I hope he takes it and shows all he has in him.
Eller has played worse than desharnais are you serious

The hell did desharnais do to deserve being a top 2 centre? he played the whole season with our two best wingers and scored 16 goals regardless if your a playmaker or not, 16 is the sane amount of goals eller scored last year with worse linemates, less minutes, no PP, and played against better players. Giving someone a chance over another isn't favoritism in the slightest it's being accountable for your play, desharnais hasn't played well so why not give eller a chance? Christ they gave galchenyuk eller's role and he didn't play well in the first game neither so why should we exempt desharnais from losing his position, he needs to prove he belongs there and he hasn't so give someone else a chance, it's only fair.

Stop talking liking desharnais has had any passion in the 6 games, slightly more passionate than Cole but no drive from him at all. Everything you said about eller could be said about desharnais aswell the difference between the two of them is one hasnt had the opportunity to play his natural natural position and one has. Call it an excuse, it's the truth eller has always been **** on the wing some centers can never adjust to the wing. And if desharnais was moved to the wing I'm sure you too would be complaining about not being in his most comfortable position.

I'll be honest I like eller but I'm not blinded by it, when he plays bad I'll be the first to admit and he hasn't played well that past few games but neither has desharnais. I don't see why people are so against letting eller play centre in the top six. It's actually pretty funny, people need to stop being so obtuse and understand that eller plays 10x better as a centre than he does at wing, if management wants to force eller to play wing, fine, but it'll be a damn shame since it will ruin him and people will use him as a scapegoat so the sacred desharnais doesn't lose his position.

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