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Originally Posted by Cyclones Rock View Post
Trying to sell season tickets for this team for 2013-14 might be the most challenging job in all of major league sports.
Long term this team may be in big trouble. They are betting on the team playing hard and providing entertainment. They are basically giving away tickets trying to get people in there for January and February games ($10 seats for STH, $25 seats for Nationwide Employees, $10 student tickets sold in advance, $25 lower bowl tickets for partial game ticket holder plans). One of the TV stations even said before the first practice that JD addressed the team and told them to play hard or they wouldn't be here. To me it's very clear they were banking on these guys at least playing entertaining hockey and getting the fan base excited (think back to year 1).
Unfortunately like most years the only guys who play hard are the guys with little NHL skills. The entertainment factor isn't there most nights. Not sure about attendance last night but barely 10k earlier this week with all the discounted tickets around?
You can do the math if the STH base is 7k (it was reported differently to Business First and the Dispatch) but I'm guessing the low number. Assume $50/seat (mis of club, lower, upper) and 45 home games and that is a base of only $16M from STH. That is the scary number. Imagine if youre running a business and expected payroll is $55M plus rent, operations, management and you're only assured inflow is $16M from tickets (other inflows from advertisers obvioulsy) but they are digging a deep hole.

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