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02-01-2013, 07:12 AM
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Originally Posted by ODAAT View Post
Thorty doesn`t have another 3-4 years left but that doesn`t concern me, what the biggest issue here or there was last night is there was absolutely no need to accept a scrap with Scott, a completely unnecessary invitation to accept.

Thornton`s on ice value is so much greater than Scott`s, I know pride/ego/braggin rights play into it but this was a lose lose right from the get go. Of course Sabres fans will be screaming with joy over the beatdown the great John Scott administered and we`d be doing, and have done the same for years here after successful Bruin scraps.

My opinion....CJ should have, unless Scott was running someone, instructed the boys not to bother with him. The ONLY Bruin who should be sparring with him in Chara and that isn`t happening, an even worse tradeoff
I thought Thornton would fair better, but you are right. Do you feel that Chara should have stepped up before the game and said I got this? A fight with Scott was pretty much inevitable in this game.

Agree 100% w THornton's on ice value as well. He brings alot. He needs some help. Would be nice if he could share the role in games like this.

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