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Originally Posted by pegcity View Post
I'm guessing you and others on this board follow the league more than I do so you'd know more about who would be considered a top 6 forward. There must be a shortage of Left-Wingers in the league now..........or there always has been.
indeed its closer to "always has been" but it's not that left wingers are some how systematically less effective then forwards, it's that a lot of fans have a drummed up notion of how effective players are. There's a pretty big disconnect between actual player performance and fan expectation. THe only thing i can guess it based off of is media coverage.

for example someone in another thread said "i didn't realise 28 to 30 goals warranted a top six spot", since 1996 the most forwards to score 30 goals in a single season is 47. 6*30= 120 top six players, but coming super close to doing something what at most 47 players have done in a single season doesn't get you into the stop 120?. 28-30 goals warrants "top line" most seasons. I'd go back and do gp/60 but it seems pointless.

Not every team is going to have 3 star forwards, 2 star d, an d vezina calibre goalie, though due to some disconnect, a lot of fans expect this (though they say "top line" or "top pairing" or "legit stater" in the type of performance they are seeking is actually a considerable step above that)

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