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02-01-2013, 07:37 AM
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Originally Posted by DKH View Post
I think this is how it went- he got hurt in the first round of the OHL Playoffs against Windsor when he ended up in a fight with Warren Rychel's kid (I think Kerby is his name but he's pretty good and projected to go first round this year); Knight twisted his ankle in the fight (may be on youtube somewhere and I think OOG was there and wrote about it)

so Knight is messed up for the OHL playoffs, misses games, has a tough time and keeps reinjuring until after Dev Camp when he stays off it and recovers

The groin injury I'm tossing out don't believe he ever had that problem- its the hamstring that is the problem. He tore it pretty good and missed about 6 weeks or so. He came back thinking he was fine and in the first game back against Bridgeport he felt a decent twinge and c'est la vie.

At that point Don Sweeney pretty much said wtf is going on here including getting the best medical people involved and having JK deal with the Boston staff. They did all sorts of testing to determine what they were dealing with and the original tear I believe had not healed. The medical folks are continuing to work with him and its a safe guess that they will probably do MRI and other high tech stuff on him before he gets back out there.

Also, would not suprise me if the Bruins now that they have the Spooners and Knights and probably Dougie and others under their watch outline detailed off season programs for them. Not sure about the weight program or the gym stuff Kirk wrote about last off season- you may see him at a camp like Gary Roberts runs (and all three of these guys- Spooner and Dougie) all have the same agent group and those guys are big on that camp. JK logically will come under the Marty Lapointe scrutiny due to his apparent hamstring and quads being a bit oversized or undersized depending on which muscle you are talking about. Again, guessing but pretty logical, he will probably be doing lots of stretching and weight training geared to keeping his legs in shape

As for when he comes back that is unclear until he passes whatever type of criteria and testing the Bruins and their medical staff have for him. He must be close to returning to skating since its been a month or so I think since he went out and the tear was not considered new but the prior one not yet completely healed
Excellent info...thanks for posting.

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