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02-01-2013, 07:55 AM
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Originally Posted by Tender Rip View Post
Is Beau Bennett worth more or less than Dustin Jeffrey? Right now Jeffrey is an NHL forward. Bennett is an AHL forward....

Just saying this to indicate that your argument is very much incomplete. It depends who is on the buying side what time frame they have as regards ROI.
Jeffrey is a poor player to player assessment.

Who's worth more right now out of comparable's to Niskanen and Despres?

Top unit play by Niskanen with, Letang at the time of this thread being made. There isn't one.

Originally Posted by JTG View Post
It all depends with who is on the other side of the table. I'd personally say that Niskanen has more value right now, as I think he's a middle pairing defenseman, and can probably play pretty solid on the PP (even though we'll never see him do that here).

This thread has horrible timing as Despres is coming off the best game of his young career.
Thread was made well before this past game. Like three days old.

Originally Posted by Mr Jiggyfly View Post
Sid had how many years of being a proven player one could consider the best in the game. Nisky hasn't even come close to spending even a year playing consistent top four duty. That is a silly argument and I'm sure you know that.

And you also have another "what if" scenario in your argument as well. You assume Nisky goes back to the top four. If Despres keeps playing well, who does Nisky unseat? Letang? No. Orpik. No. Maybe that bum Martin? Doubt it.

Also you have no clue what a GM is willing to give up right now for Despres, but the point is moot. Right now, currently, doesn't matter when comparing the two. The debate for "currently" stop existing when Nisky got injured.

So the debate about who currently has more value can't really be argued for several weeks until Nisky is back in the lineup and playing well again. Then and ONLY then can we assess their current values together. By then, it's quite possible the whole dynamic has changed.

This argument really doesn't matter anyway, because trading Despres would be stupid.
I doubt, highly doubt he holds a top 4 seat, especially the #2 spot, that's just how they roll, the less experienced will ultimately will be forced back down to the #5 spot. Letang couldn't hold that spot his first couple seasons but we expect Despres too?

Not that proven yet, and we all know it.

When this thread was made days ago, Niskanen has had more value.

Niskanen has not played top 4 enough?

Ignorance to the contrary is bliss.

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