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02-01-2013, 08:05 AM
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Originally Posted by leesmith View Post
It's about time for JD to get to work.
I don't know JD and I don't work for the CBJ, so this is all conjecture on my part, but this is what I believe.

He is, of course, already working. (The joke here is "Do you think someone would watch this team for fun?" And yes, the joke has an ironic double-back-meaning, doesn't it?)

He knew what the roster was when he took the job. If we could tell the team would struggle to score (even hoping against hope that someone's hard work would translate into scoring, which could still happen), certainly JD could tell. If we knew we still weren't sure we had an answer in net, certainly JD did. If we knew there were questions marks but cause for optimism on the blueline... you get my point.

I think we're fooling ourselves if we think that this team's offensive (another double-meaning) ineptitude is going to be solved right quick by a couple trades or something before the season's over. Like ol' Rummy said, "You go to war with the army you have." I think that's what we'll see this year. Any trades made in-season will be minor and, I'd guess, have very little impact on the team's ability to score, at least in the very-near future.

The good news is, this is a short season. And JD is working. Meantime, we're going to have to hope for growth from the young players, more than 30 minutes of effort a night and the occasional glimpse at what might come to be.

I'm not saying I like it. As a fan, I've always preferred the team win games, even when others were calling for losses to help draft position. But I think we're just going to have to hunker down and ride this thing out.

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