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Originally Posted by Double-Shift Lassť View Post
I don't know JD and I don't work for the CBJ, so this is all conjecture on my part, but this is what I believe.

He is, of course, already working.

I think we're fooling ourselves if we think that this team's offensive (another double-meaning) ineptitude is going to be solved right quick by a couple trades or something before the season's over.
I would think the assumption would be that people would like to see something visible. We understand he is working in the background. From my perspective, I think he's doing person by person analysis within all segments of the team. Coaching staff, scouting, players, etc as well as preparing heavily for the draft. I fully expect to use all three draft picks, unless we package to move up.

Is 8 games enough to make a judgement on these players? Well for us it might be, as we have history. For JD, probably not.

Any move at the deadline I expect to be there to clear out dead weight. At this moment in time RJ is dead weight. I don't expect any trade that would immediately help the team. Maybe some inexpensive trade for a young player that might help us down the line. The reality is that we are not ready for a Cup run, even if we might improve to the point of making a playoff push. Meaning, no need at this time to spend much in assets to improve this team.

This has nothing to do with the game last night. However at the same time, the first period killed us and I think our improvement as the game went on was, in part, to the Blues letting up on us a bit. I suspect Hitch wasn't thrilled with the second period.

Ultimately JAM got better as the game went on, I thought he earned another game. I didn't have much thought on Erixon one way or another, well other than the late game penalty that sealed it. Erixon didn't do anything to make anyone want to keep him on the roster.

Brassard is starting to get a clue, it's been a slow building process over the last few games. He still isn't playing any where close to his contract value, but he is making improvements. Frankly, I would still rather still see Johansen/Dubinsky/Letestu/AA/DM as our top 4 center options. Meaning if Brassard is to stick, I beginning to think it is going to be at wing.

As much as I like RJ, I think it's time to sit down and explain that it is probably in the best interest of the team to get rid of that NTC and see if we can find another home for him. He is massively redundant on this team now and we have cheaper options to fill his slot.

The reality is, we are probably going to have another top 3 pick. In this draft that is probably a guy we can move immediately into the top six. Someone is going to have to go.

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