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Originally Posted by Phil Parent View Post

Article from last year about why Seattle's Key Arena doesn't work as a temporary venue. I'm feeling confident the Colisee is a temporary better alternative. If anything, it has more usable seats.

Quebec has the best temporary venue. And the shovel is in the ground for the new one, it's paid for and everything, no conditions. Quebec has an owner. Quebec has a TV deal, hell, Quebec has a whole sports network to itself, plus potential access to PKP's priced and highly, highly popular TVA channel, a channel that drew 1/8th of the province to watch semi-pro players playing a series of hockey games. Quebec has the hockey fan base. The NHL in Quebec would have no market competition from another major league sport while in Seattle, the team would only exist to fill the dates the NBA team wouldn't use, while also having to compete with the MLB, NFL and MLS. Seattle could end up receiving revenue sharing for years playing at Key Arena, and maybe afterwards. Quebec would likely ALREADY help PAY for revenue sharing playing at the Colisee.

PKP also has big partners for a potential team: He was aligned with Feeling Productions (Celine Dion & her husband, rich enough to buy their own team.), the province's investment fund and a major union's investment fund to buy the Canadiens. There are no indications that this support has suddenly vanished, on the contrary.

To me it's a no brainer. But for people who believed hockey in Atlanta and Phoenix was a good idea, who knows?
Renaud Lavoie said NHL source told him they will never play a game at Key Arena. Not suited for NHL hockey thery've told him. Thats why if the Coyotes move this year, it will be to QC.

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