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02-01-2013, 08:39 AM
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Originally Posted by A Pointed Stick View Post
Not quite sure how you mean that Crew. If you are saying that it can't be tampering since he is under contract, it is no different than getting involved with any player under contract. Knowing he has another contract negotiation coming up next season, if any GM gave advice on demanding a trade they would be in trouble with the league. You don't have to be in current contract talks for that to be construed as tampering. Even if legally it would be hard to pursue, the NHL has no interest in seeing clubs start doing this to each other. Remember when Burke threw together that hasty presser to tell Tavares, indirectly, that he was who they wanted even when TO was no where near selecting first? Remember how that talk shut down fast? That was the league stepping in to tell Brian to stuff a sock in it. If any GM or GMs have done the same with Nino, even indirectly, the league has every reason to shut that down as well.

If the agent is soliciting advice from other GMs for this same kind of input then the league would have every reason to review that agent's ability to handle NHL players.
I'm saying that because Nino was under contract to the isles, his agent should not have been discussing his availability with other teams personel.

And while I disliked Burke's public statements about landing Tavares, JT was at that time an undrafted prospect. I thought Burke was a blowhard, but not breaking rules by telling the press he was gonna try to trade up to land Tavares.

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