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02-01-2013, 08:53 AM
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Originally Posted by zman View Post
Being a Sabres fan and watching our little team get bullied the past few years by Boston, this was a total reversal last night. Now John Scott is useless as a "real" hockey player but he did his job perfectly last night. Apparently he patrolled the red line during pre-game warmups, barely touching the puck. He and Thornton jawed a bit while standing there, probably staging their fight less than 2 minutes into the game. Scott handled Thornton in that fight like my big brother handled me when we were kids...just kind of embarrased him while not even trying that hard. For the rest of the game...Lucic, Chara, etc.., none of them wanted anything to do with cheap stuff or having to answer to John Scott. The whole tone of the game was brought back to just skill on skill. Of course at the end, down by 3 Boston wanted to goon it up and set the tone for the re-match next week. Ruff smartly called timeout so he could get Scott back on the ice to neutralize Boston's enforcer (McDermott?). Puck drops, nothing happens, players go home... Boston fans and media whining after the game about their lack of a response to Thornton getting knocked out of the game and Ruff "disrespect" for calling timeout. Too funny. Love it. I love having a legit enforcer again. See you Saturday!
Well said, sir! Apparently, we'll need a Miller-type incident for our fans to realize that we can't compete against Boston just with skill. The problem is that none of our D can fight and the tougher guys like Moen and Prust don't scare guys like Thornton and Lucic. So if you end up with both Gallys on the ice and one of our D pairings, then Prust is on his own and one of the kids is going to get injured.

Kudos to Ruff for the timeout. That was classic Julien to try to send a message with a few seconds left. Fantastic move to put Scott back on the ice. Must have felt really good for Sabres fans.

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