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Originally Posted by Mr. Hab View Post
Loving it!! Your post should be a lesson to the NHL and to all those who have to get injured byt the Bruins 'cause the NHL allows it. It really stinks that we have to get an enforcer...but we need the protection. So very tired of the Bruins injuring or almost killing our players when they can't beat us fair and square.

We wouldn't need an enforcer if the NHL would let hockey players play hockey...but you need violence to please loud, uneducated, over-macho rednecks like long as the NHL allows Lucic, Thornton, Chara, goon it up and injure everytime they lose without suspensions/heavy fines...we have to get an enforcer as well (no choice)...this way our Galchenyuks can get busy doing what they do best...playing hockey. We just need case.

But still...I love that we have Prust, Bouillon (small pitbull, huge heart), White (all about the team) , Moen (smart-defensive/playoff warrior), and Armstrong (can play hockey and throw heavy bodychecks...hated us playing against him). But...just against the Bruins (bunch of cheaters/ goons/sore losers)...we may need an enforcer (not really to fight but to ''police'' the Bruins (to allow our skilled players to do their thing in peace).
Well Boston has themselves to blame for forcing the hand of another team to GET a goon player to have to combat them. Believe me, the Sabres management was more than happy to have smallish, skilled forwards but they constantly got bullied and roughed up by Boston. I think it's hilarious this morning on Boston radio to hear people upset that no one on their club had Thornton's back last night. All their big guys suddenly turned "soft" and they didn't have the guts to challenge Buffalo's big guy. Too funny. The Bruins fan reaction is arguably better than the actual on ice incidents.

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