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02-01-2013, 09:01 AM
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Saturday Feb 2, 2013 Bruins vs Leafs @ ACC

Every thread has some varying degree of comments about this game. So lets get goin on it.

This is a bruins team that is very deep,and complex in many areas of the game.They intimidate with size,and toughness/nasty disposition.They defend well,score well,win face-offs well(extremely well),fight well,hit well,transition well.

You name it they do it well. They intimidate teams consistantly enough to know that its intention is part of their game plan. So with all that being said. They are good most importantly in consistancy in team play.

This is a key game,and Carlyle needs to set the tone,and dictate the game they are good at right back at them.We need the win,and we need to play rotten for 60 minutes.

Discipline is not out the window. We need to play their game better than they do,and i expect lots of fights.Seguin has walked into/left the ACC smirking to many times for my liking,and needs to be keyed on in a big way. If Seguin doesn't walk away pointless bruised/beat this game i'm not satisfied.

Start hard on him/Marchand/Lucic,and away we go for the next 59:59 seconds of the game.Target their top guys and let them come looking for it i say. discipline in my definition for this game is just better than theirs.

Its going to be tough,lets see if this leafs team has the stones.

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