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02-01-2013, 09:17 AM
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Originally Posted by doorman View Post
See that isn't what i said, lol. What i said is while it may work for this season there is only ever one #1 and eventually one of them will want to be the one. Short term it is fine long term it could be a disaster. If one of them publically demands a trade and lets just say that part way through next season it is Schneider, then with only a year left on his deal he is less valueable. I am not debating his talent, i am pointing that teams will pay less, IMO, for only a season and a bit of guaranteed service. Some will argue and that's fine, but put yourself NOT in Gillis' shoes as the other GM, would you pay full price? Now Gillis is right to want to get the best deal can as this is not a slight at him either, i am just simply pointing out that the wheel will eventually fall off, IMO.
This is just my opinion, unless Schnieder has a collasal turn around (doubtful), then no matter what or when...Luongo is the guy who is out. I think Luongo has a major chip on his shoulder right now and is working very hard to show that he is still a bonified starter, which is a good thing. I also think he understands the future but is willing to take his run this year with Vancouver.

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