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Originally Posted by BloatedGuppy View Post
Jovo and Bieksa are comparable players, and have a lot of similarities in their games. Both are/were swashbuckling offensive defensemen who put up 40+ point seasons roaming the ice, had fearsome reputations as middleweight fighters, and suffered from routine defensive lapses. Jovo was the better hitter...Bieksa salts his resume with a magical playoff run in which he was excellent. These two are a wash.

Edler and Ohlund are comparable. Ohlund often gets misremembered around these parts as a defensive titan, when in fact he often got exposed when miscast as a shut down defender, but he was still more stalwart in that respect than Edler...who is often suspect defensively. Edler is more creative and has a higher offensive ceiling than Ohlund, who was a lot more meat n' potatoes on the offensive side of things. Another wash.

Too early to really compare Garrison to anyone. Salo is the obvious fit due to the shot. Young Salo was a middle-bottom pairing defenseman who played acceptable hockey and whose biggest selling point was the cannon. He didn't turn into "The Canucks #1 D if he could ever stay healthy" until his veteran years.

Hamhuis and Malik are...somewhat comparable, as both are/were defensive specialists. Hamhuis is miles better than Malik in every respect but size, though. More consistent, better skater, better offensively, and even better defensively. Malik had sick shootout moves, however.

Tanev and Allen are somewhat comparable, as both are/were young defensemen just easing into the job. Tanev has shown better than Allen in almost every respect but size, although both are/were non-factors offensively. Allen turned into a serviceable NHL journeyman, but never really fulfilled his 1st round pick promise. Tanev could become another Willie Mitchell if he continues to improve.

Ballard and Sopel aren't really comparable but they're the only ones left. Ballard is the better skater, Sopel had the better shot. Neither is/was lights out defensively. Ballard has at points in his career shown MUCH more upside than Sopel ever did, but he's also been plagued by inconsistency.


Bieksa = Jovanovski
Edler = Ohlund
Garrison ? Salo
Hamhuis >>> Malik
Tanev > Allen
Ballard >= Sopel
Bieksa WISHES he was Jovanovski.

Hamhuis < Ohlund
Edler >= Jovanovski
Garrison < Salo
Bieksa >>>> Sopel
Tanev >>>> Malik
Ballard >>>> Allen/Baron

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