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02-01-2013, 09:42 AM
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Originally Posted by Liferleafer View Post
Quite simply, Luongo HAS to go in the offseason....period. For cap reasons alone they have to deal him. If he is kept all year it will be because Gillis knows he isn't going to get his premium price. So the decision will be made to take the benefits of having Luongo for this year and then move him for the best offer in the offseason.
I understand what you are saying and i don't disagree with you. However it has been pointed out numerous times over these numerous threads gillis doesn't have to trade lou this season or next for that matter. Many have said they will find a way to get cap compliant. So i figured as there are those of us who have debated this with them and been told we were wrong, I would simply open a different debate. Like I said I am not saying i am right or wrong. I also don't blame Gillis for wanting a fair value for Lou. Like you I have said the leafs can't afford fair value. I am simply stating that eventually 1A/1A doesn't work, like the Highlander movies used to say"there can only be ONE", lol. Besides it was really just brought up to try and bring discussion.

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