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I'm really sorry if this is the wrong "Fantasy hockey" place to put it, but...:
- I'm part of Flames Fans Hockey League (FFHL). It's an STHS simulator (armchair GM type of game) which has an emphasis on come of the casual aspects of the system. The player is given control over the ability to sign players, trade them, set lines, set strategies, draft prospects (much like a keeper league), and attempt to win the Stanley and Calder cup. We are currently in our 4th season.
- As of right now, we have some openings for interested users who would like to try out playing in such a league.

Some highlights of this system include:
- A completely automated agent system. You can negotiate with a player's agent who understands concepts such as RFA/UFA, time on ice, depth of team, and overall quality of their player.
- A development system which reflects your player's stats. Many simulated leagues replace player stats each year and reflect the quality of the player in reality. FFHL is different in this aspect as it focuses on how well the coach and GM (you) develop them once a player comes into the league.
- That being said, what happens if you make a mistake or one of your players has a breakout year? Those won't be caught right? Wrong. We also have a "rerate" system, where the GM can ask for their player to be rerated. The player will be realigned according to their real stats.
- Friendly atmosphere. There's been very little tension over the course of 4 years, and we have a host of moderators and administrators who'll ease you into the league.
- We simulate slowly. One day in our schedule is 1 day in reality.
- Low time commitment. Once you're set up, the most you'll get is 5 minutes of setting lines a night plus negotiations with players and other GMs.
- A stats page and a forum. I know of a few simulation leagues that only give you a teams stat page (Portal). The FFHL has both that and a forum in which to discuss results, post trade blocks, and more.
- Article writing. Most GMs don't utilize this, but if you're wanting to be creative, you can write articles on the main page.
- Long term committed GMs. About half the teams have had the same GM since day 1 of the league.

Our portal page is:

We have some great teams (amazing success really given they're on auto pilot) with good rosters and some with good standing position 40 games in. Some of the most interesting teams available are:
- Florida Panthers (Jason Spezza, point per game player and JVR)
- LA Kings (Young franchise with a lot of star young players - Eric Staal, Patrick Kane, Erik Johnson)
- Minnesota Wild (Doing amazing in the standings. Their BACKUP is Tim Thomas at his best and also have Martin Brodeur, Nicklas Backstrom (centre), Oshie, Doughty, and Yandle. Tell me you don't want to run that team )
- Montreal Canadiens (About 1-2 pieces from having it all "put together". They have a top 3 D of Chara, Kaberle, and Myers. Richards, Malkin, and Tavares are their first line. Probably the team to turn things around if someone actually set lines for them)
- Phoenix Coyotes (Another young franchise. There are many, many good prospects ready to jump into the league to add to their line up).
- Pittsburgh Penguins (Sidney Crosby and Marian Hossa highlight this team. They're a good team and I suspect a bit of guidance will make them even better, as they keep running AHL plugs as their bottom 3).

If you're interested in joining the league or just getting information, we have a forum page:

If you join, contact either administrator (Finner, the Blue Jackets GM, or myself, the Blackhawks GM)

Thanks (and move this post if this is the wrong place to put it)

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