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02-01-2013, 11:25 AM
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Originally Posted by NYVanfan View Post
so much conjecture in this thread. but that's ok.
vainly trying to determine what we've established as facts, as much as that's possible ...

1. The Canucks cannot keep both goalies beyond this summer, barring some crazy moves that I think we can agree have <1% chance of happening.

2. The Canucks have stated (and thusfar shown) they're fine going with both goalies for this season if the right deal doesn't come around.

3. Gillis has a high asking price for Luongo (best guess is good roster player / good prospect / good pick, with definition of "good" being up for debate.)

4. Both goalies have been as professional about the situation as could be expected (Luongo especially so.) As for what's really going on in their heads and how much the situation is impacting the room, that's conjecture, but it's fair to say it could be an issue. However, I'd say all signs thusfar point to it being a minor one, given that goaltending has been the least of their issues.

Admittendly, #4 is straying pretty far from fact, as is #3 frankly ...
Anyone else want to throw some out?

the other point I think is interesting for debate is this concept of "anointing the #1." What determines that? The amount of $ paid? The guy who started the last playoff game? I think Canuck brass have shown they'll go with whatever guy gives the best show at winning (hence 3 in a row for each in this young season -- and IMO, going w Schneids in the last PO game was more this than the grand passing of the baton that so many like to colour it as...)
I agree with point 1 and 2 100%. Point 3 is an unknown although i do believe the asking price is high. I think the price lowers dramatically in the offseason as using your point 1, they kind of HAVE to move him at that point.

As to point 4, nobody can say how either guy feels now, or will feel later.

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