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02-01-2013, 10:29 AM
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Originally Posted by wrister39 View Post
But how do we know Portland was telling the truth when they got caught? And if that's all Windsor did, why haven't Rychel and Boughner just come out with it? Not to offend anyone, but I'd think we're a little naive if we can take everything or anything Portland said to the bank. (pun intended)

I defiantly agree with you. I know for a fact the Portland situation is a lot worse than what came out to the public (which is why there's such hefty disciplinary action). That's the thing with these sanctions - When the leagues and teams come out publicly with what happened, they beat around bush and only tell you certain parts of the situation that they want you to know. To the leagues/teams credit they've done a pretty remarkable job hiding the facts of both stories as the majority of people don't know the actual details regarding what players were involved, the actual dollars paid, the vehicles and "perks" they got and the time frame it happened in. You have to give your head a shake if you think the league is going to take a handful of draft picks away and come up with huge fines for flying the players families in for games and providing players off season training.

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