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02-01-2013, 10:41 AM
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In order for this council to maintain that they've negotiated a more reasonable, sensible, fair deal for the city, how much less in AMF would they have to agree on with a potential buyer? What number could they float out, in terms of dollars saved, that would allow them to save face, and not be viewed as complete phonies? They couldn't very well say they save ten percent, right? Ten percent off sale, is not terribly appealing to opponents of the deal (the folks that voted for these guys), I'm sure. I'm thinking a nice round figure like fifty million bucks, or maybe even one hundred million bucks might suffice. Let's say fifty. Even then you are taking 15.4 annually to 12.9 annually. Not exactly something to hang your hat on if you are vehemently and ideologically opposed to this kind of "subsidy" in your very marrow.

Then again, 15.4 to 12.9 might not be enough to send this "deep pocketed man of mystery" screaming into the night from fear of financial ruin. Too bad he doesn't exist.

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