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02-01-2013, 10:47 AM
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Originally Posted by Ruhnie View Post
Yeah I do, but I wanted to try an Int stick at least once in my life, thought the sale price was as good a time as any to do it. I can't imagine a whopping 5 flex would make much of a difference though. As I found out from MSH forums (after I bought the stick of course), Warrior puts their flex zone on their sticks in a way that only spans the bottom 42" of the shaft. So basically you'd have to cut over 10" off to have any affect on flex. I was originally banking on my 3" cut upping the flex a bit, but yeah not so much.
Intermediates are rated 70 flex at ~3" shorter than a senior 75 flex.

So if you cut the senior sticks down to the same length as the 70, it would be somewhere around (completely ballpark):

55 flex = 55 flex
70 flex = 70 flex
75 flex ~ 85 flex
85 flex ~ 95 flex
100 flex ~ 110 flex

Give or take of course, and it depends on a bunch of things.

The only people who really get bugged are the ones who are in that gap between 65-70 flex intermediates and 75-77 flex senior.

And yes changing 1" in flex, even in "free flex zones" does seem to have a noticeable impact, maybe not night and day, but noticeable.

Originally Posted by Man Bear Pig View Post
Bought an Easton Stealth a week ago. Played one game, went out for warmups the next game, broke it. Safe to say I'm not buying a Stealth again. They're known for this apparently.
Which Stealth model?

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