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02-01-2013, 11:59 AM
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Originally Posted by wallym View Post
I think people would love to turn on Skinner. You could see everyone licking their chops when he didn't play in the AHL during the lockout. I think that's the preferred state. Rooting for the professional athletes to fail, especially if we can insinuate they have poor character. (Lazy, uncommitted, 'low hockey iq')
I just personally don't see this happening if by people you mean the folks who attend hockey games at PNC or follow the Hurricanes. If you mean here on these boards, I'm not so sure any player is safe, Skinner included.

The way that kid smiles and blushes and looks at his feet when he's in front of a camera absolutely makes young and old alike swoon. He could, in fact, blatantly slew foot someone nightly and barely a word would be said.

At the games I'm actually pretty tough on Skinner, much to the dismay of everyone who sits around me. Being any more critical than an occasional "WTF Skinner?" -- let alone disliking him -- would probably get you ejected by PNC staff. (I'm exaggerating, naturally.)

I'm not tough on him because I "don't like" him, but because his maturity has come in fits and starts IMO, to the detriment of his actual hockey playing. It's a situation which I attribute to playing on relatively very poor teams in his young NHL career.

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