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02-01-2013, 12:00 PM
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I do think Troy has done a very good job with the cards he's been dealt, the team that was handed to him and the say Cap Limit he's had issued this year was kinda a unexpected blow as far as Im heard, and its not because of Mike Eagles, someone correct me if Im wrong but their was some unforeseen possibly even unjustified cost to the Grant Harvey Centre?

But their is a very fragile situation right now, not great recruits were brought in, they possibly have less talent than last year (personal opinion only) but that was not Troys Fault this season (see above), but the short on bodies numbers is a problem, because you do need depth, but the worry here is if Troy has similar Recruiting Limits for Next Season, without losing anyone off the current team he already needs a lot of bodies, he will lose graduating players and unfortunately as the past few seasons have gone lose some players he did not expect to, simply cause they are tired of losing.

Giving some Players the Option of Walking or forcing them to walk cause of their attitude and or character I agree with 100% but its still a touchy subject because you don't walk to scare off possible new talented recruits from stepping foot into the rink if they feel that could have to them. I don't really have an answer but I'm just saying its a fine line touchy fragile situation.

People often forget UNB wins not just cause of Major Junior Statistics players had, but because they have a lot of former Captains and Assistants with some talent, team players who believe buying into the program. love them or hate them UNB does not get by on CHL former stats, they play hard, they skate hard, for-check hard. Take a look a Dalhousie, Pete Beliveau brought in some impressive talent to Dalhousie over the past few years (legally is up for debate) but the talent was their players who had great Junior Careers or overage years statistically but on the Ice as a Team they've had no success cause their was no character.

I will agree the rumours of Folding in the program are completely false at this time cause of what they have invested but if things continue its not to say in another 3 years that couldn't happen. If STU Folded I would pack in my bags as a CIS Hockey Fan, the AUS just wouldn't be the same anymore

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