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02-01-2013, 11:26 AM
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Originally Posted by NYVanfan View Post
im not sure i see it that way.
its true that Luo approached Gillis -- that was confirmed shortly after the playoff loss. However, every Luo quote since has shown he's here to do whatever's best for the team (showing up for charity golf tourney, coming to camp early, etc.) It's well known that all the boys in the room get along well (ie not like the well documented Nash trials..)
On the other hand, there was no indication that any promises were made to Schneids, and i think the lack of a NTC is significant. He got a great offer, signed and is being very well paid, and that's an indication of his value to the organization. But I don't see how this dictates that he's unmmovable.
If there's one thing Gillis has said repeatedly is that he'll do whatever's best for the club -- whatever improves the team the most. If the offers are scraps for Luo, but great value for Schneids, I would not at all be surprised to see the latter moved. I think it's fairly safe to say MG surprised us all with the Hodgson trade, no?

In short, IMO the fact that Luo DID want out (after a particularly painful PO exit), does not neccessitate that he continues to do so.

Schneider doesn't sign that contract unless some things were conveyed. He had the power position in negotiations. There's no way he signs on that dotted line unless he knows he gets to play the bulk of the games as a starter.

Schneider will not be moved. Gillis also understands his value to the organization, just like other GMs would.

For a player to even reach the mindset that all he's waiting for is a phone call to tell him where he's playing, to reintegrating with the team he had in the rear view mirror, there's just no way they choose him over someone they planned to go with. Not a chance.

I know many Canuck fans will disagree, but I'm willing to bet anyone cash (PM me), that Schneider will not move. I'm extremely confident in my position on that, and if he does, you become richer.

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