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02-01-2013, 11:29 AM
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Carter has been a surprise. I guess the foot thing explains his lack of pace last season. He's moving around much better
He said in an interview a little while ago that he had a bunch of frustrating injuries last year. He mentioned wanting to 'pay back Dean for the trust he showed bringing me here' and that he was working out a lot more than he had done in past years because (on the new season) he was 'hungry for it'. ANd I think that's what we've seen so far, a very commited player in all 3 zones.
He also said he's never been happier and being reunited with Richards was a large part o f that; that he signed that long term deal in Philly so he could play his career with Richards.
Anyway, a happy and motivated JC is a good thing. I really think he could put up 25 goals this year.

Kings PP- I know Sutter is trying to jump start what appears to be a dead engine but I don't like using the same lines on the PP. I think they need PP units , like maybe using Carter with Brown and Kopi last night. OR (I thihnk Penner will be in on Sat on the 3rd line) Having a 2nd unit with Gagne Richards and Penner.

I watch a lot of hockey, 2 games a night and parts of others. I see how other teams are scoring PP goals and can't figure out why the Kings don't realize that staying st ationary isn't getting it done. ALl that does is allow the D to set up and you ahve no lane. They need to pratice the 5 unit moving around to keep the D guessing.

Why was Sutter allowed 2 Timeouts last night? (Or do you get another on in OT)

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