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02-01-2013, 11:30 AM
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Starting out coaching

So I've wanted to start coaching for a while now. I recently moved outside of Philadelphia (grew up in North Jersey) and have a lot of free time so I figured why not help grow the game I loved playing as a kid.

What do people have for advice to get into coaching? I have already taken the Level 1 cert for USA Hockey and plan to continue taking all the levels needed. I've contacted a few HS teams looking for coaches(specifically spelling out that I'd like to be an assistant or even help out just to get my foot in the door) but because I've never coached none were interested.

What is the best way to start getting into coaching? If I still lived in North Jersey I would have no problems helping out some of my old coaches (travel/high school/etc) and get in that way but being out here on my own, its a bit tough. Seems most of the time, its parent's coaching their kids teams etc and as a 28 year old with no kids, I don't have a direct contact there.

For those of you who've coached, how did you get involved in whatever organization you are part of?

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