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02-01-2013, 11:32 AM
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Originally Posted by Peter Griffin View Post
Maybe I'm forgetting something, but when did this happen?

Gillis confirms this in his TSN interview just a week ago.

And Luongo signed a 12 year contract with a NTC, what's your point exactly? You don't know for certain that Schneider signed that contract with the promise that he will be the Canucks' #1 goalie. He signed that contract because for a guy who's never started more than 30 odd games in a season it was damn good contract offer.

Nope. He could have prolonged the process, waiting for an offer sheet. Much like what ROReilly and Subban did. The only reason he signs that quickly and by extension submitting his leverage is because a certain direction is conveyed to him. He has no reason to otherwise. He was going to get that 4m contract regardless, whether it be from the Canucks or someone else.

If Gillis is doing what is in the team's best interest, then the offers certainly should matter. The Canucks best opportunity to win is in the next few years while the Sedins are still in their prime. If management feels that they can win with either goalie and one goalie, in this case Schneider, can return a bigger impact player via trade, than moving Schneider should certainly be an option.

What's best for the team is keeping Schneider.

They could have moved Schneider at the deadline this past year, while Luongo was the clear cut #1, why didn't they?

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