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Originally Posted by Jaded-Fan View Post
I actually got a whisper once for one of their mods for being one of the most known Rangers' haters, and specifically because I used the term 'Rags.' I was told it meant Tampon, at least to them. Honestly, that never occured to me in a million years. I always thought that it was just shortened like 'Pens.' Granted I do hate the Rangers, their fans specifically. I would boo a New York 7 year old girl in a spelling bee to tears just on principle. But that term? I have not used it since because of that.

The Isles and their posters here at HF I always got along well with. I can hardly believe that they are New Yorkers. I can have a rational and enjoyable conversation with Isle fans and they have always been one of my favorite fan bases. But Ranger fans? Nope. But I have shied awau from that term for a while.
Originally Posted by Big McLargehuge View Post
The "Derogatory Nicknames" rule, or whatever it is, came up mostly because of player nicknames (without outright saying it, think Luongo and his penchant for allowing 7 goals against in playoff games...our dear friend Cindy Crysbaby also played into it a bit). It's up to the discretion as to if the nickname is meant in malice or not. Rangers fans rallied to get 'Rags' included in the list of no-nos.

Before posts started getting changed last year I'd never even thought of Rags as a derogatory name. That was no different in my eyes than Bolts, Pens, or was just the single syllable shortened version of the name.

If you use it on there boards they might see it as trolling or flaming. Elsewhere we look at it in the context it is used.

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