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02-01-2013, 11:47 AM
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Went to my first home game this season and as usual, had blast. As someone who has been to the ACC several times in the last few years, I think the pattern is quite obvious - Leafs fans are quiet until you give them something to cheer about, whether it's a goal, hit, fight, etc. The fans react no matter if you're wearing a suit and tie or a retro Leafs jersey with the Leafs logo proudly painted on your cheek. The atmosphere was pretty awesome after Kulemin scored the tying goal. The chants, the cheers and soon after Frattin scored the go ahead goal and the place was buzzing! At that point everyone is into because now we're looking at the game and the clock and every thing deserves some kind of reaction because you're hoping to see them protect the one goal lead with 10 minutes left to play. In the dying seconds everyone was on their feet cheering.

I understand if the a game has a lot of action going on where you're seeing great chances go both ways on a regular basis and therefore you're reacting (good or bad) to what you're seeing. But in a more tempered pace game, I wouldn't expect people to be making noise every other minute. I'm the last thing from being a reserved fan when I'm at the games but even I sit and watch the game intently until something happens that generates an automatic response from me. If I find myself intently focusing on the games in between the slower periods of the game, how can I criticize someone else because they aren't yelling at the top of their lungs every other second even when nothing eventful is going on on the ice?

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