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Originally Posted by chuckdobbins View Post
I still think the Shield is a wildcard in terms of what is going to happen next, and I like it that way. They're not rushing it along like the Nexus and so far it's working quite well IMO. They've all been booked strong despite using a pack mentality, and despite not really getting much info on them or consistent air time they're still regarded in the WWE as a top force on the heel side. A win for them at the chamber ppv would do wonders. Sadly, I expect them to lose badly very soon, basically killing their credibility.
You may very well be right. I was clamoring all last year for Ambrose to be on WWE, but, to my surprise, the wait and execution they used debuting him turned out very well. Same could happen with whatever the next phase of the Shield happens to be. I just think the WWE needs to be careful about overusing the same tactic over and over again without any clear path forward. Again, I'll wait and see, but they expiration date on their current phase has passed in my opinion.

Also, I want to see Ambrose evolve and give promo's/interviews that are more psychologically rooted. Right now it's all about "The Shield" and kind of restricts his character development to a degree. So in summary, I hope to soon see him in the WWE as "Dean Ambrose" and not just "Dean Ambrose of the Shield".

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