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Originally Posted by BK Triple Threat View Post
Heres more:

But heres something on the side of the article to get back to my suspicion.

1 and 3 is where my interest is at. I knew about 1 and part of 3 but the 2nd part of 3 adds new info that even more has me wondering.

I'm not a consipracy theorist but I am a man of many questions. The last 13 or so months have had wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy more questions than answers(hell we really still don't have any of those)
So you have a guy, who was involved in a group that owned your arena and rented it to another guy who didn't pay his bills and is complete junk in the eyes of most of the hockey world, and who now actually wants to buy the arena and possible the team from said pariah of the hockey world and this is a bad thing? I think if you look at the business ethics of your current owner you might see your new development as turnabout being fair play. Just looks like somebody is finally calling this bum of an owner into account on it.

Elmira is a pretty small market isn't it? I would bet the only way your team could ever make it in that market is if you owned the team and the arena and the concessions. I used to follow the Adirondack Icehawks way back and that was the biggest problem they had in staying solvent was cash flow. Shaver was trying to get a bigger % of concessions because this gave him more cash on hand to pay bills, etc. Glens Falls and our surrounding area is a heck of a lot bigger area than Elmira to draw from too. Shaver had to pay the players, the travel expenses, the insurance, the housing, the staff, the rent on the ice for the GFCC. He did this with pretty much just the staff selling advertising and ticket sales. I only wish he had owned all 3 aspects because he probably could have kept the Icehawks around for years.

I think your suspicions are misplaced with your local guy. They don't let bad business guys lead those Chambers of Commerce and actually having some stroke with the local officials is usually a good thing. I only wish our former owner could have had those benefits.

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