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02-01-2013, 12:06 PM
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HF Username Team Roster Gamertag CHECK
chrewilson Wilson81261 X
phillythunder21 DutchFury21 X
Koopa I Koopa I X
[C] ThePsychicSaw ThePsychicSaw X
kitnkev Russia Hackd Me X
wilco5886 spaceghostx420 X
ucicwgrl7303 uci cowgirl7303 X
matt1396 brown man power X
[A] ChuckWoods lIl Voodoo lIl X
defmars defmars X
jonyro84 THE JOHNster84 X
TheLund xX B I G Lund X
Malakian#13 jacksambo X
wokeupinaz wokeupinaz X
noexult noexult X

Please, re-sign your players in the best interest of your team.
Again we aren't starting until YEAR 3, but integrity is the name of the game.

Be conscious of your cap for YEAR 2 as there no trades that year either.
This may require even buyouts of lesser players to make it all work.

Remember to QUALIFY AN RFA 1st rather than offer a contract. Or you won't be able to afterwards

All GM's are required to post in this thread when you've completed your resign. So we can advance asap

Any player to miss 2 RE-SIGN Blocks in a row is subject to a boot. Please inform us prior of such a possibility.

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