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Originally Posted by Partisan du CH View Post
And why exactly is it so important for you and other posters to scratch DD? We have a young guy who just comes from a 60 points season and who's having a bad start. Why is it so urgent, according to the naysayers here, to scratch him or send him to the minor? What good would it do to him? What good would it do for the team??

When you have such an offensive force on a team, you try to create the conditions to make him produce again. That's what an intelligent management does. I'm sure it's what Therrien will do. And I'm sure that many of you would be pretty bad coaches and would rather break the guy instead of helping him because, for the reasons we know, many of you just don't want him to succeed.
To all of you who make excuses: Watch the tolerance for under performing players from Bergy drop like a rock this year and next year. His mandate is to bring a cup here in the next 5 years. Get used to it.

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