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Originally Posted by Chapin Landvogt View Post
Alternatively, him being ranked 4th in the MacKenzie rankings doesn't mean he had a good WJC.
You're welcome for the kind words Chapin, and man, I'd love to watch a draft with you, your insight is amazing, and truly appreciated.

Just a reminder though, as far as Barkov, I never said he had a great tournament, or even good tournament, my words were, he had a "solid tournament". Considering the disappointment that was Team Finland, I stand by my solid statement, 7 points in 6 games, overall, is not such a bad thing for a young 17 year old (there are a lot of 17 year olds who had worse tournaments production wise). Next year, I expect him to dominate.

Where the excitement comes in for me about Barkov, is how he's producing against men in the Finnish League, I'm just blown away by that. That fact, and, as you stated way more eloquently than I ever could, "a guy with Barkov's size, skill set, lineage" are what has me really excited about the type of player Barkov can be. I was more excited about Galchenyuck last year, I think his ceiling is higher, but I'd be thrilled if we drafted Barkov after losing out on Galchenyuck last year. Of course, that would be if Jones, Mackinnon and Drouin were off the board first before we pick.

Then again, with 4+ months left before the draft, someone could pull a Strome or a Reinhart, and shoot up the list from say 10 spot to the 4 spot. One guy I really like is Shinkaruk, he seems to be a natural sniper, and the Isles could use one of those as well.

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