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Originally Posted by OverTheCap View Post
I agree that the Nash trade alone isn't what the sole cause for our lack of depth - I thought our depth last year wasn't great, and it's gotten worse due in part to FA departures as well as the trade.

Nash and Kreider were supposed to replace Anisimov and Dubi in theory, but they were never really direct replacements for either of those players. Anisimov and Dubi had were versatile players who had the ability to play both wing and center, and they also played a solid two-way game. Our center depth took a hit without them and there's no one to replace Stepan when he struggles. As you mentioned, we also lost some of our identity as well.

I think we are on the same page here. The roster as constructed is flawed and I never thought I'd miss the likes of EC or Mitchell but they'd be an improvement over our non-existent spare forward and 4th liners right now. Kinda surprised that Sather isn't taking more heat for not addressing obvious issues such as a 4th line that is even slower and less effective than it was last year and the lack of a 6th defenseman.
When push comes to shove, this is all on Sather, no ifs, ands or buts about it.
He always seems to get a free pass from the owner and some blind posters around here who open up "Sather Appreciation threads" every now and then.
Face facts, Sather should have been fired 8 years ago.

Over the last few years, we let Parenteau walk away because he wasn't "defensively responsible?"(Lol), and most people thought "Oh, he's playing with Tavares so that's why he put up 20+ goals and 60+ points last year." Meanwhile, he alreadty has 5 goals this year.
Korpikowski??? Sather traded him for Enver Lisin who was freakin terrible and lasted one season in the league.
Mitchell? Right about him as well; let's throw away 6+ mil on useless players like Derek Boogard, Mike Rupp, and so on.
Let's also sign a washed up Aaron Asham!
Our indentity as a hard working, tough forechecking team has been compromised completely with the loss of guys like Prust, Dubinsky, Anisimov, Fedotenko and even Mitchell.
I'm not suggesting that we shouldn't have done the deal for Nash but sending Stepan instead of Dubinsky probably would have been the better choice in hindsight.
I'm also not suggesting that we should have ponied up 10 mil for a player like Prust who basically scores only 5-8 goals but his loss is killing the identity that this team worked so hard to achieve last year.

I really believe that we would be better off in the long run not making the playoffs this year instead of crawling in and getting bounced out in the 1st round because it would only mask the big problems that the team and organization as a whole have going forward.

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