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02-01-2013, 12:22 PM
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Cold Hard Truth: This Team Wasn't Built for Offense

Adding Nash gave us a nice top line, but that didn't change the fact that our other three lines can't score. Leaning on Nash and Gaborik every night to win us games is not reasonable. Let's break it down. Through 7 games played this is how our first line is performing compared to all other forwards and our defense respectively in terms of goals scored.

Line 1: Nash - Richards - Gaborik = 8 goals (1.14 goals a game)

ALL other forwards = 5 goals. FIVE. (0.71 goals a game) By two guys. 3 for Pyatt and 2 Callahan.

All D-men: 3 goals in 7 games (0.43 goals a game) our defense is built off defensively strong D-men so this is no surprise.

The proof is in the pudding. We have a tremendous offensive production drop off between our first line and all other lines. This is completely unacceptable given that we have a low scoring defense that can't pick up the slack when secondary scoring doesn't show up, which has been often so far. Blame the fact that this team was built to block shots over score goals.

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