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Originally Posted by Jet Bomber View Post
Not true at all.

Elliott's TD:INT ratio, as well as his general level of performance, really need to be put into context.

Elliott started 7 games for us last year, in which his record was 2-5. Pretty poor on the surface, until you consider that in two of those five losses, Elliott drove the field and gave Winnipeg the lead with under three minutes to go, only to have a weak defensive performance (vs. BC) and a poor coaching decision (vs. Saskatchewan) cost us 2 victories on the final play of the game.

Had he received more support from his defense and from his coach, Elliott very well could have been sporting a winning record as a starter last year. Call it excuses, call it whatever you want. Elliott did enough to win 4 games last year, the cards just didn't fall as they could have for him.

As for his TD:INT ratio ... it's well-known to any football fan worth their mettle that a QB is going to have to take chances when he enters a game down by 2 scores. Out of the 13 interceptions Elliott threw, 6 of them were thrown when he came off the bench and was down by a minimum of 14 points. Playing from behind, you have to take chances and you have to force the ball downfield.

If you actually isolate his statistics to show how he performed when he was given the role of starter, they're very promising. Again, on the surface, you only see a 5 TD:7 INT ratio but then you toss in the idea that he averaged roughly ~250 yards passing per start, you consider the fact that his running backs also produced 5 red-zone touchdowns while he was under center and you start to get the idea that while he's not a polished diamond, he's certainly still worth investing in. Elliott moved the ball down the field better than any other QB we had last year, including Pierce. Our total amount of 70 yard+ offensive drives last year was 15 and Elliott had 11 of them. What does that tell you? His red zone performance needs to improve, but let him improve it. Don't just fold on him and move on to the next sacrificial lamb.

You give Elliott some consistency on a weekly basis, stop stringing him along and benching him after POW performances and you give him an offense designed to suit his strengths, I think you'll see a much better QB than he developed a reputation for last year.

Keep throwing him in there cold without first team practice reps, down by 14 points and you're going to keep seeing turnovers. Same as you'd see from any other quarterback.
Your joking right?

Elliott is terrible! God I've never seen a guy fold so quick when the slightest bit of pressure was applied. I can't count how many times I've seen that guy throw the ball to the defensive coordinator, when he still had time to make a good play.

He's not a difference maker, whatsoever. He's just not a good QB.

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