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02-01-2013, 12:37 PM
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Originally Posted by sully1410 View Post
Your joking right?

Elliott is terrible! God I've never seen a guy fold so quick when the slightest bit of pressure was applied. I can't count how many times I've seen that guy throw the ball to the defensive coordinator, when he still had time to make a good play.

He's not a difference maker, whatsoever. He's just not a good QB.
No. I'm not joking. Are you? If you want to talk about a guy who folds or panics under pressure, maybe you should look at Buck Pierce or Alex Brink.

Pierce doesn't so much fold under pressure as much as he is just generally unaware of it. His pocket awareness is almost equal to that of Quinton Porter, which is not in any way, shape or form a compliment.

Alex Brink, on the other hand, is good at sensing pressure. Too bad any time he senses it, instead of stepping up into the pocket, he hightails it in reverse and turns his back to the play.

Elliott and, in a lesser sample size, Justin Goltz are the only two quarterbacks on our roster who actually routinely were willing to step up and avoid a wave of pressure from the defensive line. The decision making that comes afterwards needs some fine tuning that will certainly come with experience but at least their pocket awareness is there.

Elliott still struggles quite a bit with transitioning through his reads and he still suffers from some Buck Pierce-esque tunnel vision, so that needs to improve. Then again, there's no reason Elliott couldn't become an efficient Danny McManus style gunslinger. That's probably the best upside comparison you'll find of Joey ... he's going to turn the ball over because he's going to take risks, but he takes ownership of his offense and he moves the chains consistently, even if it's not always pretty. I never understand why people isolate these individual memories of a quarterback and treat them as if that's the sole indicator of their abilities. Elliott has made some boneheaded plays. So has every quarterback. Even Calvillo. Even Tom Brady. I've seen Elliott make a lot of bad throws, but I also saw him make more good throws than any other Bomber QB last year.

And on top of everything, let's not act like 27 years old is old for a CFL quarterback. That's still fairly young in the grand scheme of things.

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