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Originally Posted by Grind View Post
Talking about line ups:

I've been pretty happy with Noel, but after seeing how well Redmond played last night, and the Scheifele discussion, i'm really at a loss as to how he can't draw in tonight.

If Redmond has another game like the one he just did, I don't see how you possibly take him out of the lineup.
I agree. If Buff is out it looks like Noel has to keep Redmond in. I would rather have Redmond in and Clitsome out even if Buff was back, but looks like Noel won't have a choice anyway.

You would have to think Scheifele gets in soon. It was pretty tough to mess with the lines after beating the Pens and Islanders, but you would think it might be easier after losses to the Habs and Panthers.

Just for my own curiosity I would love to see Scheifele as a centre before he gets sent down, so I would like to see this:

Kane - OJ - Wheeler
Ladd - Scheifele - Little
Poni - Antro - Burmi
Wright - Slater - Peluso

Let the OJ and Antro lines take tougher assignments in an effort to somewhat shelter Scheifele (maybe easier at home obviously).

Also, put in Peluso (have to see what he's got eventually) over Thorburn. Not a Thorburn hater, but I really haven't been impressed over his last 2 games. Too slow to really defend on the PK, and wasn't all that great 5v5 in my mind either. Not saying Peluso is going to be better, but the team needs to see what he's got at some point.

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