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Originally Posted by haveandare View Post

Yeah, like, most of this season so far.

I feel like I'm taking crazy pills. There was a small camp, no preseason and the team had a lot of turnover. It seems pretty obvious to me that that's why they're struggling. All of this "fire torts, trade stepan, buy out richards" ranting is absolutely idiotic.

The system sucks and stifles creativity... never mind that that Gaborik, Richards, Callahan, MDZ and even Stepan to a degree, had solid years on offense last year. Never mind that the team was 1st in the east and made it to the ECF. That entire season, which started and unfolded like every season in recent memory, must be the anomaly, not this season, that's only 7 games in and started under extremely unusual circumstances. Right.

The big guns aren't showing up...never mind that Gaborik is over a PPG, and Nash, Richards and MDZ have 6 points in 7 games. Trade everyone!

Seriously, every time I log on and read through a few pages of threads I end up facepalming and signing out. This season has been absolutely unbearable so far. I mean the whining around here way more than I mean the streaky play.
Many of the issues people are calling out have existed for much longer than these 7 games. That said, the people in the trade Stepan and fire Torts crowds need to step back from the ledge a bit. It has been said for years, however, that this system stifles creativity. It doesn't mean it doesn't work, but it is a valid criticism of the Torts brand of hockey we have. However, saying "this team" was in the ECF last year and first in the East is a fallacy. Only in name is it true. There has been a good amount of roster turnover; this team hasn't proven anything. The team that made it to the ECF was actually a deeper team than this one, and it had a much stronger identity and played a specific system to near perfection. The reason it didn't make the SCF is probably because it ran out of gas by burning out its top players, especially on defense, with huge minutes down the stretch. That's an issue that looks not only to continue this season, but actually be worse as we are thinner up front and we're still playing our top two pairings 50 minutes a night. But this team not only lacks depth, it lacks that adhesion to the system that made it successful in years past. Yes, absolutely, part of that is the new pieces needing time to pick it up and perfect it. But part of it was that the pieces were the right pieces last year. Asham is never going replace Prust. Pyatt's role is different from any role that was played last year. This is not the same team that was so close to the SCF; all bets are off.

And moreover, it's more than likely, and I have been suggesting from the get go, that while this team IS a good hockey team, we over-performed last season. Hagelin is not going to produce at the rate he did last season. Callahan had a career year; I will bet someone a Rangers jersey that when Callahan retires we will look back on '11-12 as his best offensive season. Dubinsky, who people were happy to be rid of, had a career worst year. Yeah, now he's in Columbus, it will be hard to judge his offensive stats and he may continue not to produce, but he had been a very strong contributor for us every year until last. Kreider still has every chance in the world to be a good player for us, not just in the future, but later this year when he's healthy. That said, he's not going to light up the world like we hoped and he's not really as ready as we thought. I'd like to see him get legitimate top-six minutes because I think that's the only way to gauge if he's really going to be effective this year or not; playing him on the third line, as it's assembled, is a waste. That all said, Richards is a year older and, while still plenty good, we can hardly expect him to get better. Some of our guys over-performed and other guys (Dubi) we underestimated the importance of because they under performed. We lost center depth, and overall forward depth, and we have some unresolved issues that really should have been addressed in the off-season.

After the playoff game where Bickel played 3 minutes in a night where Girardi and McDonagh were forced to play over 50 each (OT game in round 2) it should have been clear and obvious that we would be adding a d-man in the offseason. Somehow, we didn't. Why? Rupp and Asham put forth noble efforts and Rupp is a likable guy and probably a great teammate, but both are past their sell-by dates. Signing Brashear was a mistake. We followed it up by signing Boogard, which was a mistake. We followed it up by signing Rupp, which was a mistake and he's still here and somehow we signed Asham but not that important #6 dman. Why? None of them panned out. It should be obvious that the Prust/Ferriero mold (younger, faster) is what works for Torts' system and the old, slow guys are not a solution for us but it, apparently, isn't. Why? There are genuine issues that exist with this team. I hear you when you say you can't stand our fanbase right now and people are crazy. But that's also not to say you can dismiss some of the genuine arguments that are being made and that have been presented going back to last year and beyond.

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