Thread: Rosters and Ratings: NHL 13 player growth
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02-01-2013, 01:58 PM
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Originally Posted by Gusto73 View Post
I wouldn't say random as much as its just predetermined, and it also sucks to be frank

I can tell when players hit their peak regardless of age and potential

A 4 star rw has had 70+ points on my top line for 5 years

79 his first year and 82 every year since his 2nd

This last year a guy who was same age same potential jumped 4 points and was scratched most the year and had 9 points

Compared to the other guy 53g 41a and got nothing

Have had 2 other forwards 4 star potential be stuck at 81 from ages 20 and 21

Potential needs to be able to change based on stats and some errors for realism

This system is radom/predetermined If there were any rhyme or reason for this all theese "experiments" would be producing the same result over and over

But after 6 months of the game being played and hundreds of years simmed by us we constantly get different results and all have our own theroies

Final conclusion: EA failed miserably with this new system
I literally started a spreadsheet back in September and finally gave up sometime around Thanksgiving. There is absolutely no skill to it whatsoever.

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