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02-01-2013, 01:03 PM
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Originally Posted by TroubaFan1 View Post
I obviously watch different Bomber games then you do. Brink and Buck will both take off running when pressure comes. Nobody said 27 in the CFL was old, its just not a prospect as you put it.
Go back and watch recordings of any games you have where Brink is under center.

Yeah, he takes off running. The problem is, he doesn't escape the pocket, he backpedals out of it, turning his back to the play entirely to swoop around. What's the problem with that? You've basically just eliminated any of your options. Every time he did that last year, his receivers essentially gave up on their routes because Brink commits to the run. I watched every minute of Brink under center last year and I can count on two fingers the times he actually stepped up into the pocket, leaned it and completed a pass in the face of pressure. I can count on just as many how many passes he completed outside of the pocket.

The point of escaping the pocket isn't to commit to the run 100%, it's to buy yourself time to find options. By turning away from the play, you're committing to the run and everyone (offense and defense) knows it. It's not smart, it's not effective and it limits production.

Pierce, obviously being a veteran, is a bit more saavy with it except he is dangerous (to himself) in the open field because he doesn't protect the ball or himself. He at least tends to spy downfield when he's scrambling out of the pocket but he has a knack for focusing on waiting for one guy (usually Edwards) to get open and he's missed a wide open guy in broken coverage many times.

Food for thought ... last year's turnover to TD ratio (I'm not counting goal line scores or turnovers, otherwise Brink would obviously have the best one because he's our "sneak QB" in 90% of the situations)
Elliott: 13 turnovers, 6 touchdowns
Brink: 11 turnovers, 7 touchdowns
Pierce: 7 turnovers, 3 touchdowns

So ... as you can see, it's actually Pierce who had the worst TD:TO ratio of all 3 quarterbacks. And yet, we rag on Elliott.

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